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Citizen's Police Academy

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2015 President
Randy Morgan

2015 Vice President
Brent Kincaid

2015 Secretary
Nancy Bricker

2015 Treasurer
Joanne Stone



The Charleston Police Department has an exciting and different Academy…. The CITIZEN POLICE ACADEMY (CPA). The curriculum and training are not what you would expect. 

The students are a diverse group of people including Business Persons, Doctors, Legal Staff, Media Representatives, Homemakers, School Teachers, Clergy, Retirees, and Citizens from all walks of life.   They share an interest in learning more about police work.

The CPA was adopted from a similar program in Orlando, Florida and is coordinated by the Community Services Division of the Charleston Police Department.  The CPA is designed to increase understanding between citizens and the Police Department through training and education.  The classes are on Tuesday evenings from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm during the 10 week term (no classes during Kanawha Co. Schools Spring Break), plus the optional field classes.  The course covers various aspects of police work, including: police administration, patrol operations,  investigations, narcotics, traffic, criminal laws, SWAT, K-9s, bicycles, street crimes, domestic violence, youth and safety programs, and more...

In addition to classroom training, CPA students are given field opportunities:

  • Ride-along with Patrol Officers

  • Train on the CPD "Shooting Simulator," an interactive video system used to train officers in life-like use-of-force and shooting option scenarios

Although graduates of the Citizen Police Academy are not prepared for street duty, they acquire a better understanding of the police and their operations.  Graduates gain greater appreciation of the challenges and decisions police officers confront every day, as well as investigative techniques.  College students have previously applied this educational program to class credit.

Community involvement is the most powerful force any Law Enforcement Agency has in the fight against crime.  Through the CPA, you can get involved in making Charleston a better place to live, visit or work.  Graduates are invited to join the CPA Alumni Association to continue their relationship with the Charleston Police Department.  This independent group, composed of graduates of the CPA classes completed since 1998, acts positively for the benefit of both police and community.

If you would like to attend the CITIZEN POLICE ACADEMY please contact the Community Services Division of the Charleston Police Department at (304) 348-6470, ext. 4917 or fax (304) 348-6805 for an application or click on the link at the top of this page, print the application and send it to the Charleston Police Department..  

Our Mission Statement

To forge a working relationship with the Charleston Police Department, the citizens of Charleston and surrounding communities.

To provide the Charleston Police Department with assistance to carry out its duties to the community and its citizens.

To increase public knowledge, awareness and confidence in the Charleston Police Department.