Charleston WV Police Department

Criminal Investigation Division

The Criminal Investigation Division is responsible for the follow-up investigation of crimes reported to the Charleston Police Department.

If you need to speak with a detective, or want to inquire about a case status, call (304) 348-6480. If your call is during other than normal business hours, please leave a message, or if the call is urgent, it may be possible to contact the detective via the Records Section at 348-6424.

If you would like to provide information about a case but want to remain anonymous, you can submit the information on our Provide a Tip page.


Lt. Tony Hazelett

Chief of Detectives

304-348-8000 ext. 225

Det. Hunt

Sgt. JA Hunt

Assistant Chief of Detectives

304-348-8000 ext. 288

Sgt. Kinder

Sgt. Mark Kinder

Assistant Chief of Detectives

304-348-8000 ext. 288

Criminal Investigators

Det. Thomas

Det. Chris Lioi

Det. Ryan Spaulding

Jonathan Hill

Det. Jonathan Hill

Det. Eddie Whitehead

Det. W.R. Anderson

Det. Chris Cooper

Crime Scene Investigators

Det. A. Kuhner

Det Hedrick Miller

Intelligence Officer

Det TJ Crowder

Family Services Section

Kimberly Eagle

Victim's Advocate

Administrative Assistants

Danielle Given

Elizabeth Skiles