Charleston WV Police Department

Warrants and Housing Division

The Warrants Division is commanded by Cpl. Scott Dempsey. The focus of the unit is to serve active warrants on file with the Charleston Police Department. These warrants include State, Federal and Municipal warrants ranging from parking ticket offenses to serious criminal violations. As well the Warrants Division works with the City of Charleston Housing Authority in the investigation of criminal activity and proactive community involvement within public housing to prevent crime. In addition, the unit handles the issuance of loading zone permits and provides for the security of Municipal Court.

The Warrants Division is located at 501 Virginia St. East in Charleston, directly across from Municipal Court.

The Warrants Division can be reached at 304-348-6402.

Lt. Mike Pridemore

Warrants Division Commander


Cpl. lewis Taylor

Warrants Division Housing Liaison Officer


Crystal Williams

Warrants Division