Charleston WV Police Department

Community Services

The Community Services Division is comprised of several units which include the Bicycle Patrol, Highway Safety, and Traffic Division. Community Services works with the citizens of Charleston to achieve a better understanding of the concerns and needs for a safer neighborhood. To Join our Citizens Police Academy download an application by Clicking Here.

Our goal is to recognize ways to make the community as safe as possible to work and live in. We work in a collaborative effort with the citizens to meet those needs through programs such as Dare, Citizens Police Academy, Neighborhood Watch, and the Neighborhood Assistance Officer program. As well, we strive to make our streets and highways safer by participating in local, state and national level programs to combat impaired driving. We actively pursue impaired drivers who are either under the influence of drugs, alcohol or otherwise and choose to operate a motor vehicle upon our roads. As well, protection and safety of children is a prime goal of the Charleston Police Department. Community Services takes protecting our children very seriously. With programs such as Dare, Safety City, and Child Passenger Safety, we strive to educate the children and their parents on ways to avoid danger and make good decisions. Success is defined by those children who become healthy adults and productive members of society.

Community Services is located in the old Roosevelt Junior High School at Ruffner Avenue and Jackson Street.

Capt. Mike Pridemore

Bureau Chief


Lt.Paul Perdue

Lt. David Payne

Public Services Commander

304-348-6470 ext. 4917

Sgt Kevin Oldham

Sgt Kevin Oldham

Traffic Unit Commander