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The Criminal Investigation Division is responsible for the follow-up investigation of crimes reported to the Charleston Police Department.  In most cases, incidents of crime are reported to the Patrol Division where a report is generated by a uniformed police officer.  Those reports are then forwarded to CID for review and case assignment.  The decision as to whether or not a case is assigned to detectives is made by the supervisors.  Due to the volume of cases received, discretion must be used in making case assignments.  A number of "solvability factors" are considered.  Known suspects, physical evidence and witnesses are examples of solvability factors which greatly increase the likelihood of solving a crime.  Violent crimes, property crimes involving a substantial loss, or recurring pattern crimes are generally assigned even if no factors are present.

If you need to speak with a detective, or want to inquire about a case status, call (304) 348-6480.  If your call is during other than normal business hours, please leave a message, or if the call is urgent, it may be possible to contact the detective via the Records Section at 348-6424.

If you would like to provide information about a case but want to remain anonymous, you can submit the information on our Provide a Tip page.




Sgt. Tony Hazelett

Assistant Chief of Detectives

304-348-8000 ext. 288


304-348-8000 Ext. 225

Lt. Steve Cooper

Chief of Detectives

304-348-8000 ext. 225



Criminal Investigators

304-348-8000 ext. 239 304-348-8000 Ext. 234 304-348-8000 ext. 263 304-348-8000 Ext. 236 304-348-8000 Ext. 241  
Detective W. Daniels Detective J.S. Duncan Detective D. Fields Detective A.W. Foster Detective J.A. Hunt  
304-348-8000 Ext. 280 304-348-8000 Ext. 237
304-348-8000 Ext. 252
304-348-8000 Ext. 235 304-348-8000 Ext. 232  
Detective J.D. Koerber Detective C. Sharp Detective D.S. Paxton Detective J.T. Tate Detective J.F. Taylor  


Crime Scene Investigators

3-4-348-8000 x 244 304-348-8000 Ext. 243

  Detective A. Kuhner


Detective M.W. Kinder 



Intelligence Officer

304-348-8000 Ext. 163
Detective E.W. Smith


Family Services Section

304-348-8000 Ext. 266

Civilian Kimberly Eagle

 Victim's Advocate


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