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  Do you have what it takes?

 Our current authorized strength is 163 sworn officers.


We are nearing the end of our current hiring list and are preparing to develop a new one. We are pleased to announce that we will be giving our written entrance exam on January 31, 2015 and the PT test on February 7, 2015. Please feel free to encourage any and all persons who you believe would make a good CPD officer to apply and take the tests.

Law enforcement officer is one of the most honorable professions one can choose. It is not a job that anyone can do. It requires hours upon hours of rigorous physical and mental training. To commit to being a law enforcement officer requires dedication and sacrifice. The job sometimes requires working long hours, working holidays and missing family events. Many times officers have to work past their scheduled quitting time. There is no clocking out and going home before your call for service is completed.

One might ask why anybody would be interested in a profession that demands so much.  The rewards far outweigh the demands. Saving lives, recovering property, finding lost children, and building relationships are just a few of the rewards of being a police officer. Of course there are monetary benefits such as healthcare coverage, vacation days, sick leave, and a retirement plan, but the real benefit of being a police officer comes from the satisfaction of fulfilling your internal drive to serve others. Most people do not have it within themselves to serve and sacrifice for total strangers. Those who do gravitate toward the military and/or the emergency services professions.

Being a police officer is not just a choice. It's a calling.


If you are interested in becoming a Charleston Police Officer give us a call. We will provide you information about our hiring procedures and testing requirements.

Contact our Training Office

Phone 304-348-1091


 You may complete a pre-application if you wish to be considered for our next hiring phase.

Thank you for your interest in the Charleston Police Department.

EDUCATION: A High School Diploma or equivalent.

All applicants who are employed must complete a Basic Police Officer Academy Class (Salary is received during training.). Normally the class is held at the West Virginia State Police Academy, Institute, WV. It is approximately 15 weeks in length. After completing the academy training the officer attends Orientation Training and is placed in the Field Training Program.

AGE REQUIREMENTS: Applicants must be 18 to 40 years of age.


  1. WRITTEN EXAM: The Charleston Police Department Civil Service Commission conducts a written examination.  The Written Examination will be given first in the employment process with each applicant required to pass a minimum standard on this examination prior to going to the next step and performing the Physical Ability Test. The written exam evaluates such factors as aptitude, job knowledge and other related factors to determine the relative fitness for the position. Applicants are placed on a Civil Service List ranked in the order of the test scores and credit for military service.  The Written Examination will consist of the following topics:


    Reading Comprehension



    Number Operations

    Problem Solving


  2. PHYSICAL ABILITY TEST: The Charleston Police Department Civil Service Commission conducts a physical ability examination for applicants. The ability test consists of total push ups within one minute; total bent-leg sit-ups within one minute; and a 1.5 mile run.


Push-Ups/1 min.

Sit-Ups/1 min.

1.5 Mile run Minute/Seconds





ADDITIONAL TESTING: After applicant has been placed on the Civil Service List they are subject to the following: Background Investigation with oral interview and fingerprint check; Driver Record check; Criminal history check; Employment history; Neighborhood check; Polygraph exam; Psychological screening; Physical and Medical exam.

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