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Patrol Division

The Patrol Division is made up of four shifts, A, B, C & D. Each shift is supervised by a Shift Commander (Lieutenant) and three District Commanders (Sergeant). The officers work 12 hour shifts. The Patrol Division is the backbone of the Charleston Police Department.  It includes some of the most highly trained, well-qualified, and self-motivated men and women in the law enforcement profession.   The Patrol Division handles a variety of calls, usually random in nature, varying from violent crimes to parking issues The average patrol division officer utilizes the latest technology to respond to the needs of the citizens and visitors in Charleston.  In 1998, the Charleston Police Department was the first department in the state to install mobile data computers in the patrol cars to assist the officers in investigating and documenting crime.  Now, each patrol car is equipped with the latest technologies to include the Mobile Computing system which encompasses Field Based (paperless) Reporting which began in 2003 and paperless crash reporting; GPS Automated Vehicle Location and Tracking System; and Digital In-car video systems.  Our department also utilizes the Electronic Fingerprint Identification System as well as Digital mug shot system in our Patrol Division booking office.  In 2011 our Information Services Division implemented an Automated License Plate Recognition system and a new digital evidence management system. The Patrol Division has more tools than ever to make their job more efficient and streamlined in order to quickly return to the street and proactively serve the community.

 You may contact a Shift Commander at (304) 348-6829


The K-9 Unit is assigned to the Patrol Division





K-9 Unit Commander

Cpl. Charles Young

D Shift



Ptl. James Howell & K-9 Jux 





    Ptl. A. Gaylor


  Sen. Ptl. Jeffrey Dotson




  K-9 Peanut

Metro Drug Unit